California Paid Family Leave and Impacts on Children's Health (with Ariel Pihl)

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​​​Working in progress
Human capital and skill acquisition over the local business cycle

Published Papers (pre-PhD)
The Effects of the Recent Economic Crisis on Social Protection and Labour Market Arrangements across Socio-Economic Groups (with Matthias Dolls, Werner Eichhorst, Thomas Leoni, Andreas Peichl). Intereconomics, 2012, 47(4), 217-223 (already circulating as  IZA DP 6080)

Book Contributions
he Great Recession and its consequences for household incomes in 21 countries (with Stephen Jenkins, Andrea Brandolini, John Micklewright and Brian Nolan), in"The Great Recession and the Distribution of Household Income", in S. Jenkins, A. Brandolini, J. Micklewright, B. Nolan (eds). Oxford University Press, 2012  (link)

Other Contributions and Policy Reports
Opportunity Lost: The Economic Benefit of Retaining Foreign-Born Students in Local Economies (with Giovanni Peri and Sara McElmurry), Brief for the Chicago Council on Global Affairs (link)
Paid Family Leave, Job Protection and Low Take-up among Low-wage Workers (with Ariel Pihl), Policy brief for the Center for Poverty Research at UC Davis , 2015 (link, pdf, cite by LATimes)
Family Ties and Access to Licensed Professions in Italy (with Michele Pellizzari, Paola Monti, Giovanna Labartino, Davide Malacrino e Andrea Catania), 2011 (please email me for the most recent draft)
The Role Of The Social Protection As Economic Stabiliser: Lessons From The Current Crisis (with Werner Eichhorst et al.), Policy Report for the European Parliament, 2010 (IZA Research Report n. 31)